The Personal Best Health 2020 event has been designed to provide an holistic experience for all attendees.
Are exhibitors include:
       ✔ Acupuncture
       ✔ Aromatherapy
       ✔ Dental Health
       ✔ Eye Care
       ✔ Hearing Care
       ✔ Homeopathy
       ✔ Hypnotherapy
       ✔ Life Coaching
       ✔ Massage
       ✔ Nutrition
       ✔ Osteopathy
       ✔ Weight Management
       ✔ Yoga
       ✔ And much more!

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We are excited to announce that we have more than 10 of Salisbury’s leading health & wellness specialists presenting

a range of short interactive 20 minute talks designed to INFORM, INSPIRE and IGNITE you READY for 2020! And best of all they’re all FREE to attend!
Click here to see the list of speakers and their topics.

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We are proud to have Well natural Salisbury’s Premiere health and wellness shop as our headline sponsor for this years event,

a big thank you to Sanjay Patel and his staff for supporting the event. Well Natural are offering a FREEBIE gift for all those that attend the event but you’ll have to see you there!
Click here to see the list of speakers and their topics.

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    Whatever your presenting complaint, traditional acupuncture treats the whole person, so you may well experience other benefits from treatmentsuch as better sleep or general well being.

    Kay’sinitial diagnosis depends on a detailed health history and she will also require information on lifestyle influences such as diet, work, and emotional stresses and strains. All these factors are considered in the diagnosis.Treatment is a two way partnership where you and Kay work together to identify all relevant aspects and attempt to rectify them with acupuncture plus lifestyle and nutritional advice.

    To discuss your specific condition you can contact Kay on: 07882 793528 , email info@kayhay.co.uk or visit www.kayhay.co.uk for more details.

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    Learning to release postural habits that cause physical tension, chronic pains and have detrimental effects on our emotional and mental wellbeing is what the Alexander Technique is all about. Particularly useful for people recovering from an injury or illness, this gentle and safe method can help regain strength, flexibility and confidence.

    Contact details Tel: 01722 743 109 or 07804 041 005 , email marieangegonzalez@icloud.com Website : www.wellbeingsalisbury.co.uk

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    Shelley is celebrating 25 years of treating clients in private practice, developing products & delivering Clinical Aromatherapy services within the NHS.

    She believes sleep and relaxation are key to good health “There’s nothing selfish about self care”. Would you like to re-discover a sense of calm & control, have more energy and youthful enthusiasm?

    Modern Clinical Aromatherapy and Shelley’s approach merge ancient wisdom & knowledge of plants with modern science, research & understanding to help restore physical, mental & emotional well-being.

    All treatments/programmes are designed individually for you. Massage treatments help reduce aches and pains as well as being the ultimate in relaxation. Maybe you prefer the benefit of ‘prescribed’ clinical aromatherapy without massage? We’ll work together to find the best option for you.

    Contact details – Tel: 07732 174614 , Email: contact@aromatictherapy.co.uk website: www.aromatictherapy.co.uk

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    As Salisbury's only independent hearing care business Samantha Luckman Hearing Care Ltd offers a range of services to enhance and improve your hearing health and ultimately your quality of life. SLHC has become synonymous with quality and excellence with Samantha bringing 18 years experience as an audiologist and an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for improving ear health. Services include - comprehensive hearing tests; an extensive range of hearing aids and associated rehabilitative services and micro suction ear wax removal.

    call : 07579 038824 or 01722 342630 for an appointment or , email samantha@slhs.co.uk for an appointment. if you just have a question take a closer look at www.samanthaluckmanhearingcare.co.uk.

    Don't suffer in silence.

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    As the name implies, at Gentle Dental we offer a gentle approach to general dentistry with a focus on creating beautiful natural looking smiles. So, what makes us different from all the other dentists offering gentle care? TIME

    …for you to voice your concerns and for us to chat with you about them. …to discuss options for you to get a health mouth with a beautiful smile. …to discuss how it will fit with your budget. Smiles and health provided by calm, caring professionals

    Contact details – Tel: 01722 413311 Email: info@gentle-dental.co.uk Website: www.gentle-dental.co.uk for more details. Instagram:@gentledentalsalisbury facebook: GentleDentalSalisbury

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    At Well Natural we believe that the secret to good health is for the individual to assume full responsibility for their own health and well-being, and to fully understand all of their choices. With this in mind we strive to bring our customers the best quality natural products that the UK has to offer.

    Our health food store aims to provide information, lifestyle and nutritional goods for optimum wellness and has a wide selection of top brand natural products at great prices; products that cover the whole spectrum of health, fitness and wellbeing.

    Visit a store or call us on 01722 335965 https://www.wellnatural.co.uk/

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    Would you like help with your health or wellbeing? Homeopathy could be the answer.

    It is a gentle and natural medicine that stimulates your body's own ability to heal, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Anyone can use Homeopathy whether a newborn baby, during pregnancy or in the later stages of life.

    I work from my Salisbury home in a comfortable and confidential setting. Get in touch to find out how I can help you. It really is worth investing in your health and wellbeing.

    Call: 07968 775120 or Email: mariaolsen9@me.com Website: www.mariaolsenhomeopathy.com

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    Do you want to free yourself from negative self-beliefs? Ditch old behaviours? Banish anxiety, depression, stress or insecurities?

    Release your true radiant self in 2020.

    Kirsty and her team of psychodynamic hypnotherapists have helped hundreds of people just like you to transform their lives with this revolutionary approach to mental health and emotional well-being.

    Book your FREE consultation today to discover more about this unique approach. Your chance to talk in confidence to an experienced therapist about what is going on for you.

    We will help you to find the best way forward - book here www.kirstywick.co.uk

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    It's all about YOU looking fabulous and feeling great! Colour affects HOW YOU LOOK and it also affects HOW YOU FEEL. Its impact is visual and immediate, instantly lighting you up from the inside out, so people get to see the real you and remember your radiance not your outfit. Wearing your right colours accentuates your eyes, and smooths, brightens and refreshes your complexion, making you look younger and more radiant. Nothing feels better than knowing you look your best because when you know you look great you feel amazing and you radiate an authentic confidence that's simply magnetic!

    Contact details – Tel: Landline 01722 416 839 Mobile 07771 141 513 Email:lindsay.west@houseofcolour.co.uk www.houseofcolour.co.uk/lindsaywest


    Life takes us through many changes and asks us to play many roles; each chapter having a distinct focus or flavour. In our midlife, we often find that the demands of family change and careers, however successful, can feel less rewarding. We know we need to make changes, but feel disoriented and out of touch with our true selves. This is where I come in! With tailored packages that include one-to-one coaching and individually created guided meditations, I can use my skill as a coach and my experience of profound life change to get you back in touch with your true self and begin creating a future that is exciting and life enhancing for you and those special to you.

    Contact details – Website: www.davidlinaker.com email: david@davidlinaker.com phone: 07530 007163

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    MINDFULNESS – Mindfulness Wiltshire – Amber Skyring

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week course and is deemed the 'gold standard' of Mindfulness training. The training enables participants to begin to change their relationship too difficulty in their lives, undoing mental and physical knots and tensions.

    The aim of the course is to start to develop new ways to take care of, and manage, challenging physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and social interactions.

    The 8 week MBSR (Mindful based stress reduction program) and the 8 week MBCT-ca (Mindfulness for cancer) is delivered by a certified and qualified trainer.

    Contact details – Tel 07833 695871 Email: mindfulnesswiltshire@gmail.com / amberskyring01@gmail.com Website: www.mindfulnesswiltshire.co.uk

  • Coach Me Slim & Trim


    Nutritional Therapy is the application of primary nutrition and lifestyle research to individuals, in order to optimise their health and wellbeing. All clients are biochemically unique, so nutritional therapy adopts a holistic approach whereby all nutrition plans are highly personalised. Clients may present with chronic health conditions or symptoms such as bloating, acne, hair loss, fatigue or stress. Good nutrition can help you to feel good from the inside and out!

    Contact details – Tel: 07580 804924 Email: sophie@sophielawsonnutrition.co.uk

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    Award Winning - Independent boutique opticians offering you advanced eye care, beautiful eyewear and award-winning customer service. See and be seen.

    To find out which frames suit your unique style and personality why not book in for a complimentary Unique Boutique Eyewear Styling Discovery Session with one of our eyewear styling experts.

    Contact details – Tel: Amesbury 01980 624065 / Salisbury 01722 410959 Email: Amesbury@memoryopticians.co.uk/ Salisbury@memoryopticians.co.uk Website www.opticians-salisbury.co.uk

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    At Not Just Backs, we're osteopathic experts in helping people, just like you, get back to living normal, pain-free lives. From back pain to easing degenerative conditions, we're here to help. If you're currently suffering with back or neck pain, it's time to do something about it. And, for a limited time only, new patients can get their first appointment with us for half the normal price.

    To book your half price treatment with us today and save up to £40, simply visit www.notjustbacks.com or call us today on 01722512042.

    Not Just Backs, the osteopath with a difference! www.notjustbacks.com

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    Bodywise Pilates is a specialist Pilates centre in Salisbury (est. 2008). All of our teachers are trained with the Pilates Foundation, making them the most highly qualified Pilates teachers in the region. We have recently expanded and upgraded our facilities to accommodate a second spacious matwork studio and new treatment rooms. We offer a full timetable of matwork classes (including over 60's and chair based classes) as well as classes for pregnant women. We specialise in rehabilitation and run classes on the Pilates equipment. Pilates with us will re-balance and strengthen your body, improve your posture and leave you feeling fantastic!

    Tel: 01722 349848 email: info@bodywisepilates.co.uk Website: www.bodywisepilates.co.uk

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    Helping you walk, work and plan pain free. A world class podiatry practice The award-winning team at Total Foot Health are all experts in the field of foot, ankle and leg assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We work together to offer our patients a complete and comprehensive service. From nail care to foot surgery, rehabilitation to cure we want to help you solve your problems.

    To arrange a consultation with one of our team you can get in touch by either call us on 01722 340057 or email: info@totalfoothealth.co.uk
    You can also visit our website for more details www.totalfoothealth.co.uk

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    Based in Tisbury - 07729 777436. Reflexology is a treatment that relieves tension and stress by promoting health and relaxation in the body. There are a number of reflexes in the feet that relate to areas in the body. Harriet trained with the International Institute of Reflexology in 2000 and has undertaken advanced training to further develop her practice and knowledge as a reflexologist in order to provide the best possible care for her clients. This training includes a university accredited course in Reproductive Reflexology. Harriet is Secretary to The Association of Reproductive Reflexology and is a teacher for Seren Natural Fertility. Harriet.combes@googlemail.com facebook.com/harrietcombes instagram: harriet.combes2

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    Dr Karen Janes set up her successful healing business, Natural Healing Energy, just over 14 years ago in London. She originally trained as a Clinical Psychologist and after moving to Salisbury in 2007 she left the NHS to pursue her love of working with energy and healing full time. Karen now combines all her skills to offer one-to-one treatments alongside meditation and Reiki classes and is passionate about helping people to be their very best selves.

    Contact details – Tel: 07941 031427 Email: karen@naturalhealingenergy.com Website: www.naturalhealingenergy.com

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    What is Sports Massage and how can it help you?

    Sports Massage by James Barnett is hands-on-deep tissue massage, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilisation to ease pain caused through everyday activities such as; work, sports, gardening, looking after children and other general stresses of life.

    Call us now on 01722 340 364 to book an appointment, or for a free no obligation chat. Or alternatively email us at enquires@therapy-centre.co.uk

    Website: www.therapy-centre.co.uk

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    Would you like to improve not just your physical health but your mental wellbeing in 2020? If so then Spiral Studio Salisbury offers a range of yoga classes that are for you. Our classes are designed to support your overall wellbeing, including physical and mental health, helping you to manage the stresses of everyday life and feel good in yourself.

    Contact details - Tel: 07950 402781 Email: info@spiralyoga.co.uk Website: www.spiral-yoga.co.uk

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    Coach Me Slim & Trim– Erak Simsson

    Do you want to drop 2 – 3 dress sizes in the next 3 – 6 months without having to starve yourself, be 100% percent perfect or become a slave to exercise?

    If you do that’s exactly what we can help you achieve here at Coach Me Slim & Trim®. We are Salisbury’s only private personal training studio to offer the proven Coach Me Slim & Trim® weight loss and fitness programme.

    To find out more visit: http://www.loseweightgetfit.co.uk alternatively to book a call today just click our calendly link to see what slots are still available this week: click here.

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    Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic

    Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic brings you a diverse team of highly skilled Physiotherapists and massage therapists offering a wide variety of evidence-based treatments to a range of clients aiming to achieve long term improvement.

    We have musculoskeletal experts in clinic treating all manner of complaints; joints; backs; necks; acute and chronic conditions and sports injuries. We also offer massage therapy, providing integrated physiotherapy-supported treatments.

    We also have a specialist team of community-based physiotherapists who are experts in the rehabilitation of older people and those with neurological and respiratory conditions.

    We pride ourselves on providing quality physiotherapy and giving you the time you need.

    01722 501010 info@harnhamphysiotherapy.co.uk www.harnhamphysiotherapy.co.uk

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    Afon House

    The team at Afon House are committed to providing excellent chiropractic care tailored to the individual needs of our patients - from new-borns right through to those in their golden years. Our Free Chat service allows us to best advise whether chiropractic is the right route for you to take.

    We treat aches and pains all over the body, including muscles and joints, and a treatment programme using chiropractic techniques may also include dry needling, ultrasound and sports taping.

    As a team we enjoy getting out into the community to provide support for events.

    Contact details - Telephone: 01722 820 400 Email: info@afonhouse.co.uk Website: www.afonhouse.co.uk

Specialist Speakers Timetable

10.00AM to 10.20AM
Jodi Battison, Serenity Place

Learn how Yoga can help you reduce stress, relax & improve your posture

10.30AM to 10.50AM
Lindsay West, House of Colour, Salisbury

Discover how wearing the right colours can make you look and feel younger

11.00AM to 11.20AM
Maria Olsen, Maria Olsen Homeopathy

How Homeopathy could help you to regain your health and wellbeing.

11.30AM to 11.50AM
Rhian Osborne, Not Just Backs

Live an active life: preventing and resolving your back pain.

12.00PM to 12.20PM
James Barnett, The Therapy Centre

Learn how Sports Massageis used to improve physical performance

12.30PM to 12.50PM
Dr Rob Jukes, Gentle Dental

How flossing can protect against dementia, strokes and heart disease

1.00PM to 1.20PM
Kirsty Wick, Psychodynmamic Hypnotherapy

Triggered – discover 5 simple steps that get you back to your happy place

1.30PM to 1.50PM
Samantha Luckman, Samantha Luckman Hearing Care

What’s the link between hearing health and cognitive ability

2.00PM to 2.20PM
David Linaker, David Linaker Life Change Coach

“Your story, your future - shaping the next chapter of your Best Life”

2.30PM to 2.50PM
Katie Memory, Memory Opticians

Six Simple Steps To Finding Your Perfect Eyewear.

3.00PM to 3.20PM
Kay Hay, Kay Hay Acupuncture

Discover how Acupuncture can treat the whole person not just the symptom

3.30PM to 3.50PM
Erak Simsson, Coach Me Slim & Trim®

Women Over 40 Discover The A.B.C. CODE To a New You In 2020